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【iL series - ROBOT building parts】

We introduce the assembly type automatic control application which can be used easily for elementary school students' free study.

Let's make your original ROBOT!

This app named Kicker is keep waiting to
receive trigger from the application called iL series "sensor (sENSORS)",
and then start iL series "ball (bALLS)" or other general applications.

Kicker is also one of the parts applications called "iL series".
"The iL series" is the name of multiple application parts I made to build up
various systems you like by using combination of them.

The basic structure when building a system,
Sensor → kicker → ball → ball → ball ・ ・
(You can also call general app instead of ball. but general apps can not call the next ball)

Many kind of ・"Sensor" application (sENSORS series)
・"Kicker" application (Kicker)
・"Ball" application (bALLS series)
is prepared.

Since it is the core part, install "Kicker" first.
Then install "Sensor" you like, and install "Ball" you like. You can build up your own original ROBOT system by the simple steps.

Recently, I think that the number of people who have unnecessary old smartphones at hand still increased.
Please try playing with the "iL series" by all means.

System construction example which I thought ↓

【Intrusion Alert System】
Combination of...
・Obstruction sensor "ifAcrossed")
 Take a photo with "PhotoOne")
 Email the photo with "GMailPhoto")

【Help Me I Fall Down! System】
Combination of...
・Impact sensor "ifShook")
 Send a message with "GMailTex")

【Bathroom BGM Auto Play System】
Combination of...
・Illuminunce sensor "ifLightened")
 Play some musics with "PlaySome")

【Lonly Elderly Watch Alert】
Combination of...
・(On refrigerator)Impactless sensor "ifNotShook")
 "Kicker" )
 Send a message with "GMailTex")

Please make various devises and
Please try building your own systems.
We are also waiting for your voices like 'I want a sensor like this', 'I want a ball like this'.

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If you don't understand well→Detailed instruction of install


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